We provide quality tenting in a variety of sizes for a variety of applications. Whether you are planning a wedding or a tent sale, you can rest easy knowing your tent will be clean and sound. We take great pride in our tent installations. That means we start by purchasing only top quality tents. Then, we never put our tops away wet, so there is no unsightly mildew. Next, we stake through the tent feet, so there are no ropes shooting out in all directions. The result is a clean uncluttered look.

We offer a wide variety of tent accessories to make your event a success. Sidewalls provide additional shelter and come in solid, windows, or rollups. Rollup walls are perfect for merchants who want the tent open during the day and closed at night. Lighting extends the useable hours of the tent and can be bright for a sale or subdued for ambience. Although our tops are clean and look great on their own, a liner transforms the tent into an elegant venue.

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